55 Station Road, Penrose underwent extensive renovations from mid-2022 to early 2023. The project was led and overseen by our Property Managers in collaboration with our client and executed by our knowledgeable and skilled contractors. The objective for the project was to address major weathertightness issues to ensure a high-quality and leasable space for our Tenant.

The first job was to address the weathertightness issues stemming from the severely rusted roof and degraded guttering. With the expertise of Speedy Plumbing Limited, we carried out a complete re-roof and guttering renewal on site, and replaced the raised skylights with Clearlite sheets, which has resolved the leaking issues from the top. The next crucial task was to address the water ingress issues that became evident through the fibre cement sheet cladding. The sheets had degraded and cracked in multiple areas and lacked flashings around windows. We got various quotes for the owners providing different options such as: A full reclad of the site, a complete repair to the cladding system by installing a new plaster system and another option to install colour steel to the front of the building. These varying scopes came with vastly different prices. The owner opted for the option of installing colour steel to the front of the building and having all new flashings fit to the windows and doors. This option was the best to ensure a cost effective, but long-term solution was being provided to put a stop to leaking. This reclad project carried out by Speedy Plumbing Limited, has not only solved the issue but has modernised the building entirely.

In addition, we encountered issues with inadequate drainage at the site, causing flooding through the front door during heavy downpours. With the assistance of The Drain Company Limited we installed a new soak hole and wider channel drain along the front of the building to address this issue.

We also saw water ingress issues at the back of the premises along the slab, where moisture was seeping through to the interior. With the help of Ryder Drainage Limited, works involved excavating a trench along the building line and applying waterproof membrane at the base of the slab. We made additional improvements to the soak hole and installed new downpipes, droppers, and gully traps to ensure proper water flow from the roof into the drainage system.

Prior to recladding the front of the property, we arranged for the demolition and removal of the non-structural columns that had become obstacles and restricted parking. This task proved to be more complicated than expected due to steel rods embedded in some of the concrete, but thanks to Albion Construction, the columns were successfully removed, resulting in the availability of 8 stacked carparks, doubling the previous amount.

For the internal works, after the previous tenant vacated, the incoming Tenant wanted a painted concrete floor finish for their studio. Once the old carpet was pulled up it was discovered that the floor was cracked, and oil stained in multiple areas. Upon further investigation, there were pipes still filled with oil that ran through the floor, likely sitting there from decades prior. With the assistance of JBK Floor Prep Limited, the pipes were removed, the floor was cut, ground, and sealed to address moisture issues, and a levelling compound was applied before the Tenant finished with an epoxy white painted surface. Studio 55 carried out additional internal fit-out works for their studio, which included a new kitchen, updated bathrooms, shadowless wall, and green room, all set up to meet their client's photography and studio hire needs.

While there are still some outstanding maintenance tasks at the rear of the property, Commercial Realty is proud to showcase the incredible transformation of 55 Station Road, Penrose, which is a testament to the work of our Property Managers, tradespeople, and Tenants collaboration and input. The building is now a modern and attractive property that will benefit both the owner and the tenant for years to come.