Landlord security of tenure.

Often when we start managing a Property, we find that past renewals have not been documented, leaving you the landlord at risk. Renewals should be in writing and good practice is that it should be documented. We can take care of this for you, and ensure that your future income is safe.

We aim to maximise your return.

We find that often properties are under rented or rent reviews have been missed. Let us have those difficult conversations for you.We ensure that no rent reviews are missed, and as we have extensive knowledge of the current market conditions we can ensure that you are maximising your returns.

We act as a buffer between you and your tenants.

Keeping you at arm's length from the tenant, let us have those difficult conversations for you. As a property owner, dealing personally with tenants can create difficulties which can be avoided by hiring a property manager. A good property manager will also ensure that both parties are following the terms & conditions of the lease agreement.

Prompt and efficient maintenance management.

Let us take the phone calls for you whether it's leaks to fix or problems with the property so that you can enjoy that holiday. With our extensive and reliable network we can ensure that this maintenance is promptly attended to. We know that this is key in maintaining a good relationship with the tenant.

Operating Expenses collection.

We find that a lot of landlords either haven’t updated the operating expenses budget since the commencement of the lease, and costs have increased significantly in this time especially the big tickets items – insurance and council rates or landlords aren’t passing on costs that they could be. We can ensure that you are collecting the correct and updated costs from the tenants.

We can offer a FREE service to landlords.

Depending on your lease some or all of the management fee expense is able to be included in the tenants operating expenses. Why wouldn’t you engage an expert that wouldn’t cost you anything?