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We help you create wealth with our innovative property strategies.

Selling a property

We will get you the best price for your property

You can be divesting of an asset for several reasons. We work with you to understand your objectives in selling. We then develop a tailored strategy that meets those needs and best positions the property. We have a range of approaches. We may suggest going "Off market", where we make a discreet approach to a targeted list of potential buyers on your behalf. As the specialist in the South Auckland market, we utilise our unique knowledge of upcoming activity in the area to define who they will be. Another option is "On market" with high profile campaigns directed at a range of prospects. We tailor the list to those who are most likely to be interested in investing at this point in time. Alternately, auction, tender or setting a market price may be best for you. We ensure that the sales channel is the most effective fit for success.

Acquiring a property

We will find you the ideal property

There are many directions an Investor can go when purchasing a property. As you know its complex. We get to the core of what you require and then we find you a commercial or industrial space that meets that need.

We will discuss whether a small or large building is the best fit, stud heights, power supplies, configurations etc. Then using our in-depth knowledge of the South Auckland market, we will locate properties that fit your requirements.

Thanks to our strong relationships with owners and developers we will be aware of properties that will be available in your timeframes. If those aren’t the best fit, then we research the market and approach the owners of the most suitable properties on your behalf. If the better option for you is a design build, then we will help you locate the right developer and site that fit your needs. We will also assist you with the negotiations.

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