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At Commercial Realty, leasing is strategic.

Your Leasing Specialists

As specialists in the South Auckland market, we have strong relationships across a wide network of owners and tenants. This results in first-hand knowledge of hundreds of commercial and industrial properties. We have a unique insight into who is ready to move, where, and when, and which property will fit their needs.

Ideally, we will have our first conversation with you 6 -18 months before you expect the business to move. This way tenants can find a property that fits their needs more cost effectively and landlords are able to minimise the risk of having a vacant property. Shorter timeframes can occur and in these cases owners and tenants find that they end up having to be more flexible and properties may need to be altered to fit the new business.


We will find you the perfect space

Many tenants have outgrown the property they are currently in. They know they need to move in the next couple of years, but find it daunting looking for a new premises.

That’s where we come in. We get a deep understanding of your business. We will talk with you about everything from the ways you will be using the space, to when it works best for your business to move and what logistics will need to be in place to make it an easy transition.

We may already be aware of a property that fits your needs. If not we will research the market and approach the owners of the best properties on your behalf. If the better option for you is a design build, then we will help you locate the right developer and site that fit your needs. We will also assist in the negotiations.


We will find you the most suitable tenant

You will be aware that your tenants needs are changing and that your property could soon cease to be a good long term solution for them. It is at this point we suggest that you talk to us. We can help you put in place plans to safeguard your income should they choose to move.

We will give you a good understanding of the current market and may even be aware already of tenants who would be a good fit for your property.

Whether you have a warehouse, office, or retail space, we will be able to advise ways you can make your property more attractive to potential tenants.

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