As heavy rainfall has been hitting NZ, numerous roofing and guttering issues have been exposed across our portfolio. Our Property Management Team has begun utilizing drone photography for roof inspections to gain a better understanding of each property's roofing needs. This method has already proven valuable, uncovering filled gutters, rusted flashings and penetrations, and various other issues that are inconclusive when viewed from below.

Often, we are unable to simply get on a roof to assess where leaks are originating. Drone inspections address this challenge by providing a comprehensive aerial view, identifying problems that might be missed during traditional property inspections.

Furthermore, drone inspections can help verify and convey the need for necessary repairs. They additionally provide evidence to support quotes for the cost of repairs or replacements proposed by our roofers.

Benefits of Drone-Assisted Roof Inspections:

- Efficiency and Speed: Quick coverage of large areas, reducing inspection time.

- Detailed Documentation: High-resolution images and videos for accurate diagnosis.

- Cost-Effective Maintenance: Prioritises necessary repairs, avoiding unnecessary costs.

- Transparency and Accountability: Visual proof ensures honest assessments and fair costs.

- Timely Weather Response: Prompt post-storm inspections to mitigate damage.