For those looking to renovate or carry out building works now and in the near future, please keep in mind current supply chain problems, extensive building consent delays, ever increasing cost of building materials due to lack of supply and inflation, and staff shortages amongst contractors.

The past two years of intermittent lockdowns has New Zealand, alongside the rest of the world, experiencing international disruptions to supply chains. With roughly 90% of building and construction products sold in NZ, either imported as finished products or manufactured locally with imported components - many products are limited in supply or simply unavailable. (EBOSS, 2021). This shortage of materials is a major factor contributing to the rise of building costs along with the consistent demand for key products. Even locally manufactured products such as timber framing, GIB and steel are in short supply, contributing to substantial increases in costs globally. As a result, we are paying international prices for all building materials, where previously locally sourced materials were cheaper.

For the consumer, the real concern is how much a project will cost and how long it will take to be completed.It’s crucial during this climate to fully understand the timing of projects and the costs involved at the time of the quote. When projects are put on hold for whatever reason, it’s important to keep in mind the current quoted price will likely increase with inflation later down the track. Unfortunately, there are no simple solutions to these issues. Over the last 3 months we dealt with a 2 month wait on GIB, and a 15% increase on a roof replacement quote we had initially put on hold.

As the world opens again and transport routes return to pre Covid conditions, suppliers anticipate supply chain pressure will ease over the next 18 months. The building industry has been actively looking for alternative and substitute products. On a more positive note, in the long term this may allow the construction sector to consider a more varied range of products, which will increase options and ease competition in some product categories.

Any building works being carried out in the current dynamic environment will be a challenge and will require patience, but with agreed outcomes and timing contingencies in place can in a successful project delivery.