In industrial property, we usually carry out formal inspections on properties once a year. Unlike in residential property, there is far less wear and tear, and a lot of the general maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of the tenant.

We are also frequently on site, inspecting repairs and meeting with tenants to discuss other aspects of their tenancy. Additionally, as our properties are usually concentrated in a few main industrial hubs, we are regularly driving past. This provides more opportunities to pick up on required maintenance throughout the year.

We use a cloud-based software, Inspection Manager, which we can monitor from our mobile phones. This software has prompts to ensure that the property is correctly documented.

Inspection Manager allows us to carry out routine condition reports and documents the condition of your investment from the beginning of a tenancy to the end. Having the condition of the property correctly documented at the start of the tenancy is critical, as this ensures that when the tenant leaves the property, they leave it in the correct condition and have followed the reinstatement provisions in the lease. Without the documentation at the start of the tenancy, this is harder to enforce.

We provide our landlords with comprehensive reports which include supporting images and videos of the property. The reports assist with recording any urgent maintenance requirements, while also providing recommendations for future repairs or maintenance, allowing the owner to forecast for any upcoming expenditure.

We also incorporate the drone (weather permitting) to help us assess the building exterior and roof condition. In some cases we have found blocked gutters, rusted capping and roof sheets, allowing us to carry out proactive repairs before these issues become a problem. This saves both time and money and satisfies the tenants. We are able to streamline this whole process by forwarding our drone shots to our contractors allowing them to carry out repairs straight away, as they know what they are dealing with prior to going to site.

The formal inspections are carried out at the beginning and the end of a tenancy, and yearly in between. Landlords can choose to have more formal inspections at an additional cost.

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