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A Successful Design and Build

AMCOR Packaging Building, 77 Cryers Road

When we find a tenant a property it is important that we gain an understanding of their business and how they will use the property. In some cases there is no appropriate building available and a design build is required. That level of understanding ensures a cost effective build and long term tenants.

In the case of Cryers Road we had a supportive owner/developer and a tenant who had been operating for 20 years with a strong strategy in place for growth.

We spent time with the tenant identifying their requirements. Because it was a design build, David, our representative from Commercial Realty, then worked closely with the owners and developer to make sure they delivered what was required.

During the build, we came up with innovative solutions to meet the client’s needs:

  • The forklifts were going to be carrying heavy loads.An uneven floor could cause the forklift to tip and the operator to be harmed. They built a state of the art 200ml thick, laser levelled floor.
  • Their product was flammable so they put in an American FMG Global fire system with much higher specifications than is required in New Zealand.
  • Optimising the floor space was important in keeping costs effective. We kept office space to an absolute minimum and built to a 9m Clearspan stud so forklifts didn’t have to navigate around pillars.
  • Yard space was designed to process large containers.

As an end result the owner is very happy with the tenants and the tenants are very happy with the space.

We couldnt be happier with Commercial Realty. They were very supportive throughout the build, and we now have a highly competitive property. They have also been really proactive in their management of our property. We feel that the successful relationship we have with them has significantly increased our return on this investment.

- J Turner, Property Owner