As a landlord, mitigating any risks to your property over winter is crucial while we are experiencing heavy down pours, cooler temperatures, and wild weather. Here are some tips to ensure you can prepare your property to get through to the end of winter, save time and money, while also keeping your Tenants happy and their interior spaces dry.

Gutters and Roof Checks – Your building’s roof is a critical part of its structure and key to keeping the interior dry. It can be a host to several undetected issues if not regularly inspected. To prevent any leaks and damage to the interior we recommend the roof is checked over on a regular basis to ensure flashings, clear lights, and fixings are all in adequate condition and free of any damage.

It’s also crucial to ensure after leaf fall every year gutters are cleared of leaves and any other debris that may potentially block gutters. If your gutters are full of leaves the rain will flow over the top of the gutters or find a way of diverting back inside a building causing floods and damage.

Tree Pruning – The end of autumn is the best time to ensure the trees on your property are pruned. Any overhanging branches around gutters and down pipes can promote increased chances of these blockages and roof leaks.

Servicing Heat Pumps & HVAC Systems – Your aircon systems work hard all year long, but during the winter season they will be working harder to combat the cold, damp mornings. It is essential to ensure that aircon systems are serviced on a regular basis and filters are changed before the cold weather sets in.

Cesspit and Stormwater Maintenance - Its highly recommended having your cesspits flushed on an annual basis. This can prevent pooling of water in car parks and yards and ensures rain runoff is effectively drained away without blockages.

As Property Managers, we take care of all of this for you. We ensure that you have routine preventive maintenance plans in place and work quickly to resolve any defects that result that need to be addressed.­

Leave the stress to us.

Annalise Witteveen

Property Manager

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